Our purpose is to accelerate growth through education and to unlock our country's human potential. Our goal? To elevate Portugal to a top spot in the UN’s Human Development ranking within the next 20 years. We're starting a movement that will place education for employment and lifelong learning as a top priority for every Portuguese household. Care to join us?


We are taking down barriers to education holding back the advancement of the Portuguese people.
Advancing access to education
Everyone should have equal access to an education. To make it so, we have created an innovative, non-profit student financing solution. ISAº FJN is a portal to a high quality, forward-looking education, no matter your age, background or financial situation.We are making lifelong learning possible for students, recent graduates and adults alike. We are incresing the number of skilled professionals who seek an upskill or reskill to update themselves and keep up with the transition into a digital economy. And we are helping students understand which skills the jobs of the future will require, so they can make better educational decisions and access professional opportunities.

Bet on learging:

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Developing the skills of the future
Challenging our educational status-quo
Advocating the importance of personal development

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