Fundação José Neves was born out of José Neves commitment to the future of Portugal and the Portuguese people. From the very beginning, the Foundation was embedded with its founder's forward-looking resolve and grit.

A donation to transform Portugal

"My commitment is to donate two-thirds of my assets during my lifetime, so that together we can pursue our mission of elevating Portugal through education and human development" - José Neves, founder of Fundação José Neves

José Neves is Portuguese and the founder of Fundação José Neves.

As an entrepreneur, José Neves has always seeked inspiration beyond the beaten path. His great ambition is to provide new means of personal and professional growth to all who live in Portugal, where he was born.

A digital, disruptive and innovative founding team

The Foundation was born out of the driving force and inspiration of José Neves, its Founder, and co-fouders Carlos Oliveira and António Murta.

“We intend to lead the Foundation with the same entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and passion that we apply to our personal and professional lives. ” - Carlos Oliveira.

Strong values ​​to inspire a nation

“We are acutely aware of how important Education is for the development of human potential and we believe it to to be the engine of Portugal's evolution in the years to come.” - António Murta.

We are on a mission to develop Portugal's human potential and promote lifelong learning.
To this end, we are ready to innovate and share our experience with everyone willing to learn.




They share the same origin and are linked together by their digital and entrepreneurial background. Our founding team has a track record of building successful companies, rooted in strategic vision and passion, with a result-oriented approach that has been imprinted into the Foundation’s DNA. This similar path and shared culture results in a joint ambition to develop our country.
Our story


Fundação José Neves is a Portuguese non-profit organization, established in May 2019.

The Foundation was recognized by the Portuguese Government and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on August 21, 2019, by publication number 7380/2019 in Diário da República 159, page 22. It is governed by Quadro das Fundações (Law No. 24/2012, updated by Law No. 150/2015) and Portaria 75/2013.

May 2019 marks the start of our activity. The Foundation’s main purpose is to contribute to Portugal’s development and the happiness of its people through education.

Our mission is to promote Portugal to a Knowledge Nation. Our goal is clear: to elevate Portugal to the very top of the UN's Human Development index within the next 20 years.

FJN will dedicate its resources to projects related to education and lifelong learning. By identifying and developing the skills of the future, we are on a journey to develop human potential in Portugal.
Founder's letter
José Neves biography
Carlos Oliveira, Co-Founder
António Murta, Co-Founder

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